At Tomizaki’s Champions Kung Fu Institute, we offer classes for kids ages 4 and up.

Our youngest group is the “Grasshoppers”. They are taught self-defense, respect, coordination, balance, concentration, and beginner kung fu skills. Many parents have told us how much more focused their child has become after taking lessons with Master Tomizaki.

Our Juniors consist of children ages 7 to 12. Getting started in martial arts has many benefits including helping in school, keeping fit, respecting their peers and elders, and self confidence. The skills they learn here carry on to their every day lives and improve any other sport they may be involved in. Kung fu can provide a total body workout and help eliminate injuries from the repetitive motions of other sports, by strengthening their core.

In any of these classes, they usually start together with a warm-up and stretching.  Then they are broken off into smaller groups, depending on age and/or level.  Everyone progresses at their own pace.  The end of class they are brought back together for conditioning and strengthening.

To schedule your child’s introductory class, please call 925-671-7100.

“Master Tomizaki is amazing. I never thought my son could do so well in kung fu. My son looks forward to every class, and is much more calm at home.”
–Vesta M.