Tai Chi

Feeling stressed? Need to learn how to relax? Want to work in your internal energy?

You’ll want to try this class!

Taught by Sifu Yas Yamamoto, who learned from Grandmaster Wayne Peng.

“Zhaobao Taichi is valuable and useful for strengthening one’s body, concentrating one’s mind, cultivating one’s personality, warding off illness, and enriching one’s spiritual life.  Zhaobao Taichi is good for everybody to learn and practice, regardless of one’s age, gender, and health.” – Wayne Peng

Per the Mayo Clinic:

The benefits of tai chi may include:

  • Decreased stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Improved mood.
  • Improved aerobic capacity.
  • Increased energy and stamina.
  • Improved flexibility, balance and agility.
  • Improved muscle strength and definition

Call for current class schedule – 925-671-7100