about us

*As of April 2021, classes are back indoors. We have 6 air purifiers that would cover 8000 sq ft,; the school is 3000 sq ft, so excellent air exhange. We have installed high quality filters on the intake vents. There are high open vaulted ceilings with 2 more fans on top. We keep the front and back doors open for ventilation (when the weather allows).

Tomizaki’s Champions Kung Fu Institute was founded by Master Daniel Tomizaki and his wife Steffani, in 2007.

After more than 40 years of training and over 35 years of teaching, Master Tomizaki started his own school, where he is able to incorporate all his knowledge and training to provide extensive and effective training for preschoolers, children, teens, adults and seniors. (For his full background, see Instructors).

“Tomizaki’s Champions Kung Fu Institute has helped my son grow into a confident, respectful, and controlled little man.  It has been almost a year since my son has started training at Tomizaki’s Champions.  He has grown physically and mentally stronger under the guidance of all the instructors. You can truly see the “Shadow of a Leader” when you look at the way the instructors teach and guide the children.  Master Tomizaki’s approach is not just about mastering a perfect punch but also about mastering ones personal character.” – Yelp review


Our philosophy is to work to bring out the best in each person. It’s not necessary to win awards or trophies, but if you can achieve personal bests, and strive to better yourself as a human being; that is our goal. We want each and every person to walk out at the end of class feeling empowered, and better about who they are. To know that they also have the ability to help others, and to be responsible to themselves.