welcome letter

Dear Students, Parents and Families,

I want to congratulate all the students that took the time to sharpen their skills, improve their performance and face the challenge of demonstrating in front of a panel of instructors who were giving scores. It can be daunting, but our students came through like Champions!

I want to thank the families that came to support the students. Without you, it would have been much more difficult for the students.

My gratitude extends to all those that helped make the 12th Tomi.zaki’s Kung Fu Chanipionsbip a reality.

Our highest level competition, the 4 Star Grand Clwupion. was very intense, with two outstanding high level students Brian Vega and Sasha Plashchinsky. I regrettably made a mistake at the end of the competition, when I forgot how we had cllange the rules last year. Prior to last year, we would add the average scores of the first 3 divisions, then award 5 pts for each sparring round won. It inevitably resulted in whoever won sparring, won the Grand Champion regardless of wins in the other divisions.

Last year we changed the rules, giving 6 pts for a I st place. 4 pts for a 2nd place and 2 pts for a 3rd place, and j pts for each sparring round ,.von. This evened out the weight of each division (hand form, short weapon & tong weapon! as well as the sparring).

Sasha won by the former mies, Brian by the latter. Therefore, the
12&. “DCKFI Championship has 2 – 4 Star Grand Champions!!!

Congratulations to both Brian and Sasha!! And to all of our Champions!!


Master Daniel Tomizaki