• Bow upon entering & leaving the school, and Bow when entering & leaving the mat
  • Remove shoes upon entering the school
  • Adults – it’s best to arrive 15 minutes early to stretch out before class
  • While waiting for your class to begin, be considerate of those already in class and keep quiet
  • If you do arrive late for class, approach the side area of the mat and wait for the instructor’s signal to ‘bow-in’ before joining the class.
  • Progress card: Retrieve your card upon entering the training area. If the card is not found, inquire in the office.
  • No jewelry
  • No perfume, cologne or aftershave (due to people’s allergies)
  • Keep fingernails clean and trimmed
  • Keep your uniform in proper and clean condition. Wash after each use. Wear the Tomizaki’s school official uniform to all classes. Any undershirts worn should be sleeveless.
  • You may NOT make alterations to your uniform, nor wear any unapproved uniform, gear or equipment.



  • Address all Instructors by their proper title
    • MASTER = Founder of the school (Master Tomizaki)
    • SIFU = Title granted by Master signifying superior skill, teaching & virtue
    • SIHING = male instructor
    • SIJEH = female instructor
  • Show RESPECT for all classmates: whether senior or lower level – in return you will gain their respect
  • Always show respect for other Martial Artists
  • NEVER use your Kung Fu skills to cause problems. Kung Fu is taught for self-defense, health, and as an art



Remember, you are tested everyday in class. When you are ready for your belt promotion, Master Tomizaki will notify you or parent.

Test Fees:
Color belts $45
Black Belts $100 (BBC 10% discount)