Bryn Dexheimer

Bryn Dexheimer started training under Master Tomizaki in 2009.  Due to her skill and good techniques, she was invited to the Instructor Training Program, where Master Tomizaki tutored her to become the great teacher she is today.  She has been involved in teaching for 6 years.  Bryn is currently a 1st degree black belt.

Bryn has competed throughout California, and hopes to compete abroad.  She is part of the demo team and has performed in forms, weapons and Lion Dance.

She has competed in 23 tournaments and 1 sparring tournament.  She’s won:

  • 31 – 1st place in forms, weapons, sparring
  • 22 – 2nd place 
  • 11 – 3rd place
  • 1 – Grand Championship award


Bryn is also active in filming/production/editing and raising Golden Doodles.  She is majoring in Math.